Sponsorship and Exhibition


You can book the space only area and build your stand with a special design, or you can book the space together with a complete shell system equipment, below described:

  • If you wish to design and build your own stand, please select the SPACE ONLY OPTION at USD 75 per square meter: this option provides you with the footprint from where to build your stand. Suggested for stands of 10 to 20 square meters and up.
  • If you wish to book a standard shell scheme, then select the SPACE AND SHELL SCHEME OPTION at USD 100 per square meter: this option includes the space, wall-to-wall carpet, partitions, lighting, one table, three chairs and a fascia sign with your name and stand number. Suggested for stands from 9 up to 20 square meters.

The international conference in Materials Science and Engineering is a perfect showcase and the ideal place to boost your presence as expert working in the area of Equipment Supply, Materials Testing and Characterization, Nanotechnology Building Materials and Coatings, Plastic Technology, Green composites, Textiles, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries, Structural Materials and Steel Industry, Tools and Pharmaceuticals.


Alexandria and New Borg Al-Arab zone is the most active industrial zone in Egypt as it represents more than 40% of Egyptian industry in all sectors.

  • Delegates and Experts from industry
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Scientists from Japan and other countries
  • JICA & JSPS Alumni
  • Business Community in Alexandria


Platinum Sponsor 70,000 LE
Gold Sponsor 50,000 LE
Silver Sponsor 20,000 LE
Lunch Sponsor 15,000 LE
Conference Bag sponsor 15,000 LE
Lanyard 15,000 LE

Want to see your company logo on every attendee? Then the lanyard sponsorship is for you. Lanyards (also known as neck cords) hold each name badge and are constantly visible.
Benefits Include: One Color Sponsor Logo on Registration Lanyards